March  2010 • Business Continuation Planning  

Today’s current events remind owners and managers of the frailty of their enterprises when confronted by nature.  And short of natural disasters there can be power outages, fires, theft, even an errant fire alarm that sets off ceiling water sprayers that may destroy desktop computers, records, etc.


Prudent employers know to prepare a business continuation plan (BCP) to aid in times of crisis, whether minor or serious.  Preparation of even a short, simple plan not only can save life, limb and property, but also possibly reduce business insurance costs when the BCP is shared with insurance carriers.


A BCP helps us recognize, respond to and deal with a crisis.  It is an action list of what to do that is particularly helpful when it is hard to think quickly of what to do.  Often it addresses business risks, personnel status reports, fire safety and prevention, hazardous materials safety, disaster supplies, disaster management team action lists, important national emergency service sites, addresses and telephone numbers and more.


10 BCP actions to take – now


  1. Review/update insurance policies
  2. Plan action for inability to enter office/facilities
  3. Backup/secure computer files
  4. Develop/update/communicate written emergency plan
  5. Identify critical staff and their function in emergency
  6. Update employee, vendor, customer lists for contacts, addresses
  7. Video/photograph facilities and materials inside and out
  8. Obtain/distribute emergency supplies/kits
  9. Refresh contacts lists for before and after
  10. Establish a tactical operations center & resources to operate from 24/7


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